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Greetings! You're probably here because you appreciate luxury items and maybe even aware of our great store. We're thrilled you stopped in!

I enjoy it so much when customers come into our store and get excited to see what we have however limit themselves to only 1 size. I'm known for saying...


We've dealt with gents that don't bother trying an item while they're in the store because of the size and assumed fit. When you're in a resale shop (especially luxury goods), who knows how the item were tailored.

My focus here is on the suit! Allow me to inject my 2 cents here (maybe more!). When a customer tries on a suit, the first place I check out are the shoulders. If the suit fits there, most everything can be altered to fit (within reason, naturally). If the jacket and trousers need to be let out and the suit is wool, you're good! Seams in wool can easily be steamed out and look terrific. If the suit is a seersucker made from cotton or linen, you should move on.

My next focus is on the length of the sleeves and if the buttons are functional (also called surgeons cuffs or working buttons). Look for faux stitched button holes too because even though the threads can be removed, they still leave a slight mark. This won't end our life, it's acceptable for the right garment. By the way...this applies for suit jackets and sport coats. Great fabrics and weaves rule over slightly detectable faux button holes.

Last....the trousers (who still calls pants trousers?). I personally still like the slightly trim/slim look. Yes I know the trend to switching over to pleats. At least get the waistband fitting well so your belt doesn't bunch up. I would also make sure the legs are not too wide. Now, let's discuss cuffs vs plain bottoms. Here's where I think we can add a bit of unconventional twist. I personally like either the hem or a cuff however

No cuff on tuxedo

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